R for Rob

Who are you?


I’m Rob Grant, a 28-year-old Senior Data Journalist at Trinity Mirror, in Bristol.

I’ve been working at Trinity Mirror for almost five years, using spreadsheets, Tableau, scraping tools and other software to dig out stories.

So where does R come in?

I first heard about R perhaps two or three years ago. My colleague Patrick Scott (shortly to be joining the Telegraph in London) in particular has made great use of it. But it was only recently that I started learning R. After getting over the initial learning curve I began to realise what a powerful tool it is.

Why are you writing this blog?

I couldn’t find many resources like this: R for beginners. There’s a site called Scoop.it in the United States that does some great work, but I couldn’t find much else. I want this site to be a resource for journalists and other interested people to see what you can do in R, and if they want to, learn enough to get started.


I’m running this site separately from my work at Trinity Mirror, so any opinions expressed are here are entirely my own. Also, I’m not this Robert Grant.



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