2017 Blog Stats

Happy New Year to all my readers!

Blog stats

My last post took the blog through past 4,000 page views for 2017, up 41 per cent on 2016.

I only started R for Journalists in October 2016, so it’s not an entirely fair comparison for a full year of 2017.

However, I put this website on the backburner for a large part of the year as I focused on a different project, as this graphic shows:

In fact then, a year-on-year comparison isn’t entirely unfair.

Finally, here is my month-by-month traffic since RfJ’s creation:

Twitter stats

Twitter’s analytics don’t let you view your follower growth over a long period of time.

I do know that my followers have nearly doubled in the past few months:

Here’s to a 2018 of more growth!

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