Seen Elsewhere: 21st October 2016

I thought I’d start a weekly round-up of good uses of R I’ve seen elsewhere.

We’ll start with four links this Friday:

  1. ComputerWorld’s R resources Cheat Sheet
  2. Longhow Lam’s use of scraping to show how cars lose value after you begin to rack up the miles
  3. Patrick Scott’s analysis of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s choices of words in the presidential debates
  4. /r/rstats on Reddit

ComputerWorld cheat sheet

This cheat sheet has a huge list of resources to learn more about R. Some of them I knew of, some were new to me. It includes a link to the R course at DataCamp, which I reviewed here.

Scraping cars

This post used R to scrape data on car values from a Dutch website and aims to show which cars depreciate in value the fastest after you begin to add miles to the milometer. The best model came using a curve, which shows that after you have driven a car many thousands of miles it ceases to lose any more value.

Trump and Clinton

This textual analysis using R by my former colleague Patrick Scott shows that Donald Trump got angrier as the presidential debates wore on. He told me he used a number of packages including tidytext.

Rstats subreddit

This subreddit is a very useful online community for R tips, questions and thoughts. I post there a lot and it has been driving much of my traffic on this blog! It is an active subreddit: new posts and comments come in regularly.

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